Sunday 28 June 2015

B is for Back!

Oh my! Has it really been two years? Where  did the time go.
I know some of you have been worried that I have been trapped under a heavy object ... but no ... i have just got too busy with real life to keep up with this.

I keep seeing the 'newsbot' on the Oldhammer forum flash up that there has been another Blog post and I the thought I should get back into the blogging as there are so many great blogs and lots more new ones I feel I am missing out on. However, I am not sure I will have any more time for Blogging then when I ran out of steam with this a couple of years ago. But I will try.

Anyway ... sorry it has been so long. Hopefully I will start getting the odd post up on this Blog and making the odd comment on one or two others sometime soon.
All the best,

Monday 17 June 2013

B is for Butterfly

As a change to the advertised programme ... Some butterflies I painted in my daughters bedroom.

B is for Beastmen

Started these a while ago. Need to get them finished.
They are a mix of the current plastics and the 5th edition metals.
About half finished in these photos.

Friday 14 June 2013

B is for Blood Bowl

I have started to paint (and in some cases repaint) my old Blood Bowl teams:
I started with the referees to keep some kind of order:

Then I painted up a Halfling team:

Heres a close up of the Treemen:

Then I painted up a Chaos team:

The team I am currently working on is Dwarves:

And here is my 2nd Edition Blood Bowl stadium.
It has been with me a number of years and seen some action. (as you can see)
It does not look like much now ... It is need of some care and repair ... but with a spot of glue and paint and some attention to the base to match the basing of my minis and she will be good as new.

Thursday 13 June 2013

B is for Barbarian

In April 1982 I was 15 years old ... and Conan the Barbarian was released at the Cinema:

I loved this film and the 'Barbarian' as a character.
As a result ... I have collected a few.

These are some of Citadels first Barbarians:

These are also Citadel miniatures:

I think these are all early Jes Goodwin miniatures from Asgard.

These are Reaper:

A selection from other manufacturers:
These are (From left to right) Sana by the talented Kev White, Hasslefree miniatures. (I have a Kalee or two to paint as well), Gamezone I think, an old Hearbreaker mini by Chaz Elliot and ....

I Can't remember who the last guy is for the life of me! But I always loved the mini because of this:

And these beauties are by Tre/Redbox Games:

Wednesday 12 June 2013

B is for Bretonnians, Bertrand, Brigand, Bowmen and Bergerac

I have always been a fan of Robin Hood.

There have been a few different movie versions of Robin Hood ... with the lead role being taken by the stars of their day ... Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe ... but they all pale next to the original ....

A fact not lost on Games Workshop it would seem.

Never afraid to borrow from other sources ...
... so it was the legend of Robin Hood was woven into the background of Bretonnia.

However I am looking to make a start on my vintage Bretonnian army.
Due to scale creep the 5th edition Bertrand the Brigand and his companions would be a bit too large.

So I have been trying to select some likely alternatives from my collection:

I am thinking (left to right) Robin, Will Scarlet, Little John, Friar Tuck and Much the millers son.

Then for merry men ... I mean Bowmen of Bergerac ... a selection of peasant archers. (More in 'The dip')

With a few 'Rogues' for that 'Rob from the rich, give to the poor' look.

B is for Behind schedule!

So just one month in to this plan and I am already falling behind.

I still have my Araby selection to finish but as I am well into next month ... I need to crack on with stuff beginning with B or I won't get any of the 'B's painted at all.

So as a little reminder B was for Bretonninans, Beastmen, Barbarians, and Blood Bowl.

However just like the A's I have found a bunch of other stuff beginning with 'B' I wouldn't mind getting some paint on.

For example I want to get some more Vikings painted both as the The Norse of Skeggi and for SAGA.
So I will be trying to paint up some Bondi and Berserkers. (D'ya see what I did there?)