Sunday, 9 June 2013

A is for Amazons. (Done)

I have painted the Amazons ... well most of them.
There are a few bits I still need to do ... but they are nearly done.
I can't settle on what I want to do with warpaint.

The Tribeswomen:

The Bodyguards:

With a Nobel:

The Kalim:

The Nobels:

All together:

Characters are not finished yet but included in this picture.


  1. Exellent collection of Amazons, and very well painted.
    Really captures the feel of the the older editions Lustria and Amazonia. Love the cloaks too, and the Kalim with Old Slann High Age Weapon.

  2. Very nice looking Amazon army there Harry, the tan and accent colour feathers work really well. Rainbow feathered cloak is especially nice.

    For warpaint... zig-zags on the cheeks, and strong eye-shadow, perhaps in complementary colours to the current accent? so red on the green-haired tribeswomen etc. Or leave them, they look cool as they are!

  3. Thanks very much fellas.

    I swear that's a light sabre.

    Yes that's the sort of thing I had in mind ... couldn't settle on colours. I started off painting the hair different colours within units and it looked too dolly mixtures. So I settled on one colour per type.

  4. Great to see so many Amazons painted so nicely!

    I particularly like the Nobles' cloaks and green hair for the Tribeswomen.

  5. Thanks. The Green paint is an ancient bottle of luminous green I have had for 20 years. It is not a colour you use very often. :D

  6. Very nice collection of Amazons you have amassed there. Painting standard and colour scheme is great, love the cloaks especially.