Saturday, 1 June 2013

A is for Animal Handlers ... and Animals

I painted up some Elf Animal Handlers to go with the animals I painted before:
Still need to add some Warpaint but going to wait until I get into my Elves before I decide exactly how this will look.

Here they are with their animals:


  1. What a great painted set of Elves and animals.
    I especially like the fur effect of the wild cats. The handlers are great, I like the way you have unified them with the same leggings whilst keeping the individuality of each of the different type.

  2. Thanks very much.
    Simple scheme .. bleached bone all over, snakebite leather wash top half, sepia ink wash to bring out some texture ... Jobs a good 'un.
    Yes I decided all my specials, wardancers and so on would have stripy trousers ... in true 80's Mike McVey style. :D

  3. Wow! Beautiful, Harry! These are some of my most favourite minis ever and the way you gave them life is just fantastic!

  4. Thanks very much. I was especially pleased with how the cats worked out.