Thursday, 13 June 2013

B is for Barbarian

In April 1982 I was 15 years old ... and Conan the Barbarian was released at the Cinema:

I loved this film and the 'Barbarian' as a character.
As a result ... I have collected a few.

These are some of Citadels first Barbarians:

These are also Citadel miniatures:

I think these are all early Jes Goodwin miniatures from Asgard.

These are Reaper:

A selection from other manufacturers:
These are (From left to right) Sana by the talented Kev White, Hasslefree miniatures. (I have a Kalee or two to paint as well), Gamezone I think, an old Hearbreaker mini by Chaz Elliot and ....

I Can't remember who the last guy is for the life of me! But I always loved the mini because of this:

And these beauties are by Tre/Redbox Games:


  1. "For no one - no one in this world can you trust. Not men. Not women. Not beasts. This you can trust!"

    Great looking horde of barbarians you have there. You just need a civilisation, ancient and wicked, for these savages to destroy!

  2. You can't beat a good barbarian!

    Very jealous of your citadel female barb's - need a few more for my Lustrian Norse exiles.

  3. It's one film I never tire of watching.

    A great collection of barbarians, it will be great to see them painted.

    I have a few Citadel ones and old Grenadier ones that I am planning to include in my Norse army, and this post has given me some ideas on where to look for some others.

  4. @Orlygg
    I knew you would be a fan. :D

    Picked them up when they were new ... never got around to them. They seem quite hard to come by now.

    @Goblin Lee
    Me too. Watched it loads over the years.
    I have a whole bunch of the Copplestone sculpts from Grenadier ... some of my favorite minis of all time ... but those will have to wait for another time.

    The Wargames Foundry did some vikings and Early Germans that are well worth a look too.

  5. Hi Harry. I just read your blog, "B is for Barbarian", from Thursday, June 13, 2013. In your 5th picture down from the top, you posted a picture of 8 barbarian miniatures (2 rows of 4 minis each). In the front row, second mini from the right, there is a Citadel barbarian mini wielding 2 swords, wearing a fur cape, bracers, and boots, charging forward. I was wondering if you would care to sell this one to me, as I am also a huge fan of barbarian minis (and movies) and I've been looking for this particular mini (but haven't had any success, until now, of finding one). Please let me know, via email, if you would be willing to part with this. My email is: Thank you.