Wednesday, 12 June 2013

B is for Bretonnians, Bertrand, Brigand, Bowmen and Bergerac

I have always been a fan of Robin Hood.

There have been a few different movie versions of Robin Hood ... with the lead role being taken by the stars of their day ... Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe ... but they all pale next to the original ....

A fact not lost on Games Workshop it would seem.

Never afraid to borrow from other sources ...
... so it was the legend of Robin Hood was woven into the background of Bretonnia.

However I am looking to make a start on my vintage Bretonnian army.
Due to scale creep the 5th edition Bertrand the Brigand and his companions would be a bit too large.

So I have been trying to select some likely alternatives from my collection:

I am thinking (left to right) Robin, Will Scarlet, Little John, Friar Tuck and Much the millers son.

Then for merry men ... I mean Bowmen of Bergerac ... a selection of peasant archers. (More in 'The dip')

With a few 'Rogues' for that 'Rob from the rich, give to the poor' look.


  1. They look like a right bunch of rogues, well played sir!

    I look forward to seeing them in their lincon green :)


  2. Surly you can find an old Lore of Beasts wizard for a Herne the Hunter figure as well....go on...

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  4. @Orcsbain
    Plenty of Lincoln green...funny how in grubby old England every man in Sherwood had a clean pair of green tights ... but there it is.

    You know I want to ...
    Got him .... but have another mini in mind.

  5. Are there a couple of Foundry figures in your lower pic Harry?

    1. Yes there are ... and in the photo above. I think most of the figures with clay on the bases are solid base foundry miniatures. (Although there were one or two pre-slotta citadels amongst them too). I have quite a lot of foundry stuff. I picked these up years ago. When the foundry set up I was aware which moulds they had taken with them from citadel and I picked up some extras of the citadel stuff. (amongst a whole load of other Perry and Copplestone sculpts from their historical ranges. As I am sure you know some of these minis are identical to the citadel ones ... just on a solid base instead of a slotta base.

  6. This'll be a fine little unit once you're done - I have a similar band but they're destined to be Empire type Foresters...

  7. Actually not that little ... I have more than 40 of these. They will be a bit like the Amazons a mini warband rather than a unit. It is my plan to paint them up fairly neutral s that with different leadership they can pass for Empire or Bretonnians