Saturday, 6 April 2013

Back to the start ... and what to expect.

So where to start?

Back at the start I guess ...

When I was really quite young I collected Britains and Timpo soldiers. When I was about 10 years old I started collecting Airfix plastics both 1:32 and 1:76 scale. I loved building the model kits of tanks and planes and modelling dioramas to display them and I got into playing World War 2 Wargames.

When I was a little older I discovered Citadel Miniatures and D&D, I read the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings,  watched Conan the Barbarian at the cinema and have been lost to fantasy ever since.

I have collected and played a huge range of RPG's over the years, subscribed to White Dwarf throughout and have a huge collection of Citadel Miniatures from their very first minis. But for me the holy grail was always mass combat fantasy battles. I got a pre release signed copy of 1st Edition Warhammer for some small contribution and have been into Warhammer Fantasy ever since. I have played every edition of Warhammer and collected all things Warhammer and I have all the fantasy armies.
(So expect to see a lot of stuff for all the different Warhammer Fantasy armies). 

I also became a huge fan of specialist games and have collected all the big box games that games Workshop have produced over the years and in more recent years the gang based games produced by Warhammer Historical.

(So expect to see lots of stuff for the various Specialist games and some stuff for Legends of the Old West and Legends on the High Seas).

The introduction of Finecast and the end of metal has brought to an end a love affair with Citadel miniatures I have had my whole life. However, even before this, as I have got older I find myself increasing drawn to earlier times in the hobby. Role Playing Games, the earlier editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and some of the Specialist Games. Happy days. Along with this I found myself drawn to the older lead miniatures and rediscovering some of the earlier Citadel miniatures.
(So expect to see some really old lead!).

I have also re-discovered my love of model making and scratch building and enjoy making and painting scenery as much as painting the miniatures. I also love the visual treat of seeing beautifully painted miniatures on beautiful scenery. I think I enjoy looking at the game as much as I enjoy playing it.
(So expect to see some modelling/scenery projects along side the minis).

So if you like old games, scenery and old metal miniatures .... you have come to the right place.

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