Saturday, 13 April 2013

What are the chances of this?

I am painting 'The Citadel Giant' ... here he is W.I.P.

... and here is an inked version of a Tony Akland sketch from The 3rd Edition of Runequest.
(It originally appeared without colour in 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle).

I was not even aware of this coloured image until Zhu Bajie kindly brought it to my attention .....
(Please follow the link on the right to his excellent Blog 'The Realm of Zhu' ... well worth a visit).
.... but if I had sat down with this image I couldn't have got much closer if I had tried.

Since my picture above I have gone on to do other bits ... the club and the shoes and have gone with near identical colours ... right down to the wooden shields.

Pure coincidence ... but a happy one I think. I guess I just think in old school colours. :D


  1. Pretty awesome! Maybe some subconscious or subliminal reason or instinct for choosing the same colours.. He just 'looks' like he's meant to have a green top?

    More importantly what are the chances of you finishing him? ;)

  2. Brilliant, Harry! I think you are just in perfect Tune with the Old School Force. Nicely done. And wonderful too to see that giant picture in colour! It has always been one of my favourite drawings from the 3rd ed. rulebook.

  3. Hey, thanks for the shout out! BTW I found a picture with the B&W illustration on the front of the box BUT I have to say my memory is placing it in a magazine, perhaps an early White Dwarf? Oh I don't know!

    Have to say your contrasting patches on the jerkin is an improvement from the flat green, adds more visual interest...