Saturday, 6 April 2013

Harry the Hammer

So who is Harry the Hammer?

The guy on the front of the First Edition of Warhammer became known as Harry the Hammer.
Always loved this bit of John Blanche art work.

And here is the miniature that was made of him.
Mine was a bit battered when I found him.
But I stripped him...

I made him some nice new spikes....

And gave him a nice new paint job.
This was my first ever try at NMM (as I was trying to match the box art).
and he is flippin tiny compared to todays minis ... so go easy on me. :D

He is from 1983 when he appeared in the First Citadel Compendium.
Actually the miniature was not called Harry the Hammer at all.
There was a later model that looked a bit like him that was called Harold the Hammer ...
 ... but this guys name was Uthmog Elvenbane.
He was one of the NEW warriors of Chaos in the "Speciality set 1: Warriors of Chaos"
(These replaced an earlier set of warriors in the original specialty set.“Champions of Chaos”)

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