Monday, 8 April 2013

The Great Spined Dragon (Wings)

This was how I did the membranes for the wings .....
My plan was to go with paper thin green stuff rather than paper membranes as recomended
When I said paper thin .... In reality it is a good deal thinner.
It is squeezed so thin that the light shines through and the tears are natural.

What was going on in my head was that this impossibly old dragon is also impossibly old in the Warhammer world too. Over the years she has taken a bit of a battering. My thinking is there is no way a dragon this size could have been knocking around without someone hunting it, wounding it ... the only reason it has not been killed is because it was just to mean to die and has been asleep under a mountain for the last 100 years or so. Awakened from her slumber by the storm of magic or just driven out by hunger ... she is looking a bit thin ... she drags her battered old body out and once more hunts for man flesh.

Without a doubt the toughest and most creative thing I have ever tried with green stuff ... feeling pretty good about how it turned out.



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