Friday, 5 April 2013

Allow me to introduce myself.


I guess as it is my first post I should introduce myself.

My name is Harry.
I am Harry on Warseer, Frothers, LAF and the Oldhammer B.L.O.O.D. Forum
What can I tell you about myself?
I am 46.
I live in Gloucestershire. (England)
I have been collecting toy soldiers since I was a boy.
This Blog will show the stuff I paint and stuff I have to say about the things I paint.
I have a huge collection of toy soldiers.
I have collected all the Warhammer Fantasy armies ... amongst other things.
I have a lot of stuff ... current, classic and vintage.
For one reason or another I had not painted very much of it until a few years ago when I set out to put that right .... and I started a project log in the fantasy project logs on Warseer.

Many projects later ... this thread is still running and is a complete record of everything I have painted over the last few years and has been a constant source of enjoyment, encouragement and motivation for me to get more stuff painted.

Anyway, I thought I would have a crack at this.

All the best,


  1. So the blog finally rises eh Harry? How about adding a followers gadget so we can all join your site, sir!

  2. Yay! I have a comment. Thanks. :D

    Followers gadget ... yes ... I am all over it, it was my very next thing to do ...

    ... now what's a followers gadget? :D

    It has taken me two and a half months to sort out getting this far.
    Now you want a followers gadget as well!

    I'll see what I can do.

  3. Yay, Harry's got a blog.

    Now stop blogging and get painting the old lead!

  4. Not only your first comment but I'm getting people come to my blog from yours so your blog is already an integral part of the network! Now I see how old your kids are I see how come you get so much painting done.

  5. I have spent a lovely time re-visiting many of my favorite Blogs to add to my list here ... but yes ... not so much painting done. :D

    This blogging business can really soak up your time. :D

    Glad if my efforts have sent some traffic to your great Blog.

    My children were born in 2002 and 2004 ... I didn't really start painting until 2007 ... read into that what you will.