Sunday, 12 May 2013

A is for Adventurers ... Citadel Fantasy Adventurers.

A is for Adventurers ... Citadel Fantasy Adventurers.

In 1981 Citadel produced a range of Fantasy Adventurers. (FA Series)
It was just 14 sculpts.
These first Fantasy Adventurers were a strange mix of stuff and some of it was pretty dodgy TBH but one sculpt stood out as the pick of the bunch. (This opinion is rienforced by the fact that he was one of the only minis from the range to be included when the entire range was redone in 1982)

FA8 Ranger with Sword and Bow.
(Love this guys moustache. Tally-ho chaps)

In 1981 Citadel re-released the Fantasy Adventurers series. They replaced all the poor sculpts (which was most of them) with completely new sculpts (which were mostly vast improvemnts on the existing miniatures.

Two of my favorites from the first batch (August 1981) were:

FA 2 - 2 Wizard with Staff (August 1981)

FA 6 - 2 Bard with sword and Lute (August 1981)

FA9-2 Barbarian with Two-Handed Sword (mid 1982)

(This is a variation on the original ... That original guy had a silly hair do so he was much improved by the helmet ....
... and a really cool shield).

FA10-2 Paladin with sword. (Spring 1982)

FA12-2 Ninja (Assassin) with Sword (Spring 1982)


FA 14 - 2 Elven Hero with sword (Spring ‘82)
FA19-2 Female Fighter with Sword (Spring 1982)
FA 22 - 2 Evil Cleric (Spring ’82)
He had a great chaosy sheild.

FA 29 Dwarf Hero (Spring ’82)
FA31-2 Paladin in full chainmail.
FA 33 Evil Hero (Spring ’82) (Bringing it up to 33 minis in the FA series at this time).


Here are ALL my Fantasy adventurers together.
Not so keen on the others ... for me these twelve were the gems of the Fantasy Adventurer series.


  1. I love to romp through the occasional dungeon, you can't beat a classic adventurer for that purpose if you ask me.

  2. I love these,your paint job really makes them look good.So many memories running D&D with these minis just a few missing from my collection. A while yet before they have to be ready for the next generation to game with.

  3. What a great collection of old Fighters, and nicely painted too.
    I especally like the Evil Cleric, and the female fighter.

  4. @Peter
    The next generation starting to take an interest was one of my motivations for getting these painted....and also because it brought back some happy memories ... Glad you enjoyed them too.

    Many thanks.
    The female fighter is one of my all time favorite minis ... Love the dwarf too.

    1. I've been looking through my old 1980's Orcs ready for for my blog update tomorrow, and one of the old solid based Orcs has the same shield as the barbarian. I'll do a close up photograph of him for you when I update tomorrow.
      I love the post with the mounted adventurers too.

  5. I have that orc. :D He is one of the only early Citadel Orcs I ever liked.