Saturday, 4 May 2013

A is for Araby

Does anyone remember the Arabian Knights?

When I was a boy their was a saturday morning show called The Banana Splits.
Each week there was a cartoon segment ... Tha Arabian Knights:


The main characters were:
  • Prince Turhan A young teenaged boy, a Prince and rightful heir to the throne of the Sultan he owns a magic scimitar that he can be thrown and returns like a boomerang.
  • Princess Nida  A lovely teenaged girl, cousin to Turhan and daughter of the Caliph. She can fight, but her real talent comes from her ability to disguise herself and alter her voice to mimic others.
  • Raseem A tall, muscular man, the token ‘strongman’ of the Knights; also called ‘Raseem the Great’, has the strength of thirty men. He also has a companion in Zazuum; a small donkey.
  • Fariek A short, tubby little man who is a somewhat skilled practitioner of the mystical arts; His magic can cast illusions, make objects fly and change one thing into another, etc., He often provided the transportation (a flying carpet, etc).
  • Bez A dark-skinned man who is often portrayed as wearing a turban and green clothing; he is also known as ‘Bez the Beast’, for his ability to transform his body into the form of any animal known to man.  He can also transform into mythical creatures like winged horse, Roc. His shapeshifting makes him a handy spy for the knights.
  • Zazuum A small donkey with long ears, who was Raseem’s companion. Zazuum proved to be a bit of a secret weapon, because if one pulled his tail, it would make the little donkey go berserk; spinning and kicking out like a miniature tornado which can defeat any enemy or destroy any object struck.

I really fancy building these as a little adventuring party for some arabian adventure ...
These are the closest I can come up with so far:

I really need a better Prince Turhan and I am nowhere on the donkey.
(If anyone can suggest a suitable baby donkey miniature I would be most grateful).

Here is all the Araby stuff I have made a start on today and am going to try and get painted this month:


  1. Tin Soldier UK do some unladen 15mm donkey/mules which could work, only £1.75 for a selection to mess around with. The Assault Group do a nice 'stubborn mule' which could be converted easily enough, though it is 28mm scale so I am not sure it could pass for a baby donkey. If you trawl through a few 15mm/25mm historical sites you will eventually find something.

    Nice idea by the way!

  2. I have always loved 'Harry's Flesh' and have often wondered what your technique was. Care to share old boy?

  3. love your flesh tones another group I am looking forward to seeing painted
    Peace James

  4. @Paul ... hadn't thought of 15mm thats a good shout i will go see.

    No probs ... my super secret recepie is ....
    My normal flesh is simplicity itself. I paint a couple of coats of elf flesh to get a smooth surface. Then wash it with a very watery Dwarf Flesh. Job done.
    That is how the gennies at the back have been done.
    The others i was trying to get a darker skin tone going on ... so did another selctive wash with a bit of scorched brown mixed into the dwarf flesh.

    Many thanks

  5. Hello,
    I realize it's been a year, but can you please tell me who made the two figs to nine and eleven o'clock of the Citadel Assassin figure you're using as Bez? I'm especially keen on the fella with the eyepatch.
    Thanks much,