Monday, 13 May 2013

A is for Adventurers ... Fantasy Adventurer Cavalry

Citadel produced a range of Fantasy Adventurer Cavalry to match their Fantasy Adventurers.
I have painted a few of my favourites.

FAC 2 Mounted Wizard with staff

FAC 6 Mounted Bard withs word and Lute

FAC 8 Mounted ranger with sword and bow

FAC 9 Mounted barbarian with two handed sword

FAC 10 Mounted Paladin with sword

FAC 12 Mounted Ninja (Assassin) with sword

FAC 14 Elven Hero with sword

FAC 17 Mounted female theif with dagger and sack


FAC 29 Mounted Dwarf Champion

And here they are all together ... Hope you like them.


  1. I do like them! Very much indeed. The colours are fantastic, each miniature is an individual but the range of colour is just limited enough to make them all look part of the same 'collection'. You will have been told before that your bases look great but may I add that in this context I find them very evocative of a 'Middle-Earth' wilderness landscape.

    Have you got any plans to use them in a game or are they purely for fun and display?

  2. Thank You Harry for posting such iconic wonders. I totally agree with Warlord Paul above about the overall coherence of the collection. They make me want to grab a pencil, a paper sheet and a fistful of dice...

    It's a real pleasure to follow you on this blog, I've been following your work on Warseer a lot and it's dedicated people like you that got me to get back to my old lead and give 'em proper love and show on a blog...

  3. @Warlord Paul
    Thanks very much. The limited palette is part accidental in that I am really fond of some colours and feel I know how to shade and highlight them but has become increasingly intentional as I have seen the benifits for coherance not just within an army but across my collection. When I step outside the limited range the minis stick out like a sore thumb on the table.

    Nothing is for display. Everything is for gaming. These are for D&D games.
    Some of these were my original D&D characters. I have filled out the collection a bit. My children have enjoyed their first games of Heroquest and Warhammer Quest ... I hope these minis will recreate the some of the magic they did for me as a child.

    You are most welcome. They make me want to do the same ... they take me right back.
    Delighted if i have helped you rediscover some old friends. :D

    1. That's great, I am glad they are going to see action! Maybe you could favour us with an in-game snap or two one day? :)

      Do I have to wait for A to come around again? :(

  4. LOL No. All kinds of reasons to come back to these.
    Lets think D is for dungeons and Dragons ... and for Dungeon Floor Plans ...
    D is in August in my plan. I am sure I will be getting a game of D&D in over the summer.
    I will make sure I take pictures.