Sunday, 12 May 2013

A is for Albion ... Giants of Albion.

I have been painting  a bunch of Giants over recent months and 'A' is a good excuse to get a couple more painted.
The Giants of Albion were released as one of the 'Dogs of War' units.
Like many of the minitures produced as 'Dogs of War' they are great sculpts, full of character.

Pictured here for an idea of scale:

and amongst the others giants I have been working on ...


  1. That last picture is the stuff dreams are made of...I am sure you get that response a lot!!

  2. Cool - very nice collection of giants. I am myself upon the quest to paint a C28 giant. /Hans

  3. @Minitrol
    I am still amazed anyone takes the time to look at my stuff at all given some of the painters out there. When they say nice things thats great. When they are inspired to dream ... or get something painted themselves ... well that's the reason I post stuff. It makes my day.

    @Don Hans
    Hopefully you found some inspiration here.