Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A is for Ant

If you have followed my project logs (or just check out my He-Man, Beastman, Yeti Giant in an earlier post) you may know I have a thing for using cheap plastic toys whenever I can. So I am loving my latest addition.

It reminds me of the make do and mend mentality I had to have as a youngster when I could not afford all the minis I wanted (and plastic zoo animals and toy soldiers stood in for all kinds of things) and then it just makes me smile to field a Giant thats bigger than everyone elses that cost me £2 on ebay rather than £30-£50 for a Giant made for gaming.

Well for my D&D games I need a Giant Ant. (Who doesn't? Right?)
I had a look on the interwebz and couldn't find anything very much but then I remembered my boy had a tube of cheap plastic bugs ... so on the off chance I asked him if there was an ant amongst them?

There was ... Here he is (Popped him on a 40mm base).

And here he is with a nice new paint job (just needs a bit more shine ... some gloss varnish).

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